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It is so important to unplug and take care of yourself. Stress and poor habits can be a direct reason for breakouts on your face and body. Self care on the inside reflects outwards with smooth and glowing skin. 

Be sure to drink your water and boost your immune system during the next few months. Sleep, exercise and the foods you eat play an important role in your health and skin. 

We live in a time were everything should be balanced from your work life to family and now more than ever your health.  Most of us are at home with families and that can be very hard. 

Find ways to unplug and concentrate on your inner peace. Start your day earlier and workout, go for that walk or in the evenings get the family out for a stroll.

If time permits grab a book that will help you reach a personal goal or start that new hobby you've been looking into. 

We may be indoors for the next few months but that doesn't mean you should neglect your skin. I recommended a jar of our Body Butter to keep your skin protected from harsh weather. The difference between body butter and lotion is the texture. Body butter is heavier and thicker than most lotions which makes it a better way to treat dry and chapped skin during the winter.

Spreading the Amber Lx Whipped Body Butter on your skin is a therapeutic experience with added aromatherapy. Take your skin self-care a step further and exfoliate with a scrub to slough off dead skin and to keep your skin soft and beautiful looking.  

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